Coaching & Capacity Building

1-Day Workshop: Effective Listening & Verbal Communication
  • 6 exercises

  • Outcomes: improved listening, comprehension and retention, courteous, concise and confident responses to questions.

1-Day Workshop: Personal Presence & Body Language
  • 4 exercises

  • Outcomes: build awareness around posture, eye contact and facial expressions and align positive body language with positive and effective verbal and non verbal cues.

1-Day Workshop: Enhance Team Working Capacity
  • 4 exercises

  • Outcomes: learn to communicate and coordinate in a dynamic setting with common goals. Focus on playing to one’s strengths and complimenting gaps in the team.

1-Day Workshop: ⁠Develop Conflict Management Skills
  • 4 exercises

  • Outcomes: learn to engage and navigate in positive and negative conflict situations with resolution in mind. Learn to empathize and negotiate while being time bound.

1-Day Workshop: ⁠Offering Constructive Feedback
  • 3 exercises

  • Outcomes: learn how to avoid criticism and offer productive feedback by controlling emotions, staying on facts and rephrasing comments and observations.

1-Day Workshop: ⁠Build Basic Leadership Skills
  • 4 exercises

  • Outcomes: develop foundational leadership skills at any level, build visionary, inspiring and accountable approach to decision making.

2-Day Workshop: Developing a Problem Solving Mindset
  • 6 exercises

  • Outcomes: growth mindset, patience and collaboration. find group solutions to problems by learning how to dissect challenges to root cause level, delegate workload, manage deliverables and design multiple pathways to solutions.

2-day Workshop: Effective Time Management
  • 6 exercises

  • Outcomes: boost productivity by learning how to prioritize and delegate various tasks according to roles and responsibilities.

2-Day Workshop: Building Emotional Intelligence
  • 6 exercises

  • Outcomes: build self and situational awareness and learn to constructively respond to various workplace scenarios.

1-Day Workshop: Flexibility & Adaptability
  • 3 exercises

  • Outcomes: learn how to adapt to personal and organizational change and contribute productively in the latter. Learn how to view change as an opportunity to grow and learn continuously.

1-day Workshop: Professionalism
  • 4 exercises

  • Outcomes: improve mannerisms, etiquettes, hygiene, organization, humility and reliability.

2-Day Workshop: Stress Management
  • 5 exercises

  • Outcomes: learn how to deal with work and personal stress through mindful activities/tools and reframing.

3-Day Workshop: Business Modeling
  • Develop Value Proposition Canvas

  • Develop Business Model Canvas

  • Develop Financial Model

  • Refine VPC, BMC and FM

3-day Workshop: Finance for Non-finance Managers
  • 12 exercises

  • Outcomes: acquire basic financial skills to align organizational goals at group and individual level (max strength 30).

3-day Workshop: Soft Skills in the Workplace
  • 12 exercises

  • Outcomes: improve communication, task management, team building and conflict management skills (max strength 30).

Leadership: inculcate confidence to lead with clarity. develop shareholder orientation, learn to think thematically, understand motivations at multiple levels within organization, negotiate group incentives, develop accountability and goal setting, build a bespoke and objective decision-making matrix.

Resilience: learn fast and get better with every pivot or failure - build an objective and responsive feedback process to learn quickly from mistakes. Develop a pre-mortem strategy and response plan.

Innovation: boost creativity and unique problem solving approaches by conducting individual and group exercises. Learning what has been tried and which connections may be tested.

Executive & Management Coaching Plans: 1-on-1 or Group Engagements

10x thinking: develop disruptive or hyper growth planning. conduct mental and financial simulations on 10x, 100x scale outcomes and identify choke points preventing hyper scale. Identify resolutions at each hurdle.

Wellness and fitness: develop effective and nimble nutrition and fitness plan as per client profile.

Career planning: develop vision board and associated skill set and experience to achieve it. Identify related networking strategies and upskilling roadmap.

Time management: boosting productivity through realization of counterproductive tasks and friction points. Learn to identify important and urgent tasks today, in backlog and in the future. Build capacity to delegate and discontinue others.

Communication: how to write proposals, emails and deliver presentations to peers and management. Know your audience and refine content/time accordingly.

Mentoring & Networking: learning how to be a person of service by adding value to the network as a professional and providing guidance to trainees or mentees regarding career development and professional growth.